Price List

Fees in €
Pax/daily 3,50
Kitchen/day* 17,00
Dormitories/day (bunk beds with WC)/ 6 pax * until 10h a.m. 40,00
Dormitories/day (bunk beds without WC)/ 4 pax* until 10h a.m. 26,50
Dormitories/day (bunk beds with WC)/ 1 pax* until 10h a.m. 9,50
Dormitories/day (bunk beds without WC))/ 1 pax* until 10h a.m. 7,50
Acomodation in the wooden house** / máx 30 pax until 10h a.m. 26,50
Training room/day 40,00
Support room/day 18,00
Storage room/day 7,50
Wooden house/day 26,50
Visits 1,00
(*) Fee for all dormitory (4 or 6 people) or smaller groups not wanting to share the dormitory. The overnight fee includes the daily fee of the same overnight day. The dormitories have to be empty and check-out the park until 10am the day after the overnight stay. Linen not included. A security deposit of 20 euros aplies to dormitories and of 40 euros to kitchens. These security deposits will be returned if no damages are noticed. However, if damages are noticed, reparation costs will be invoiced. If you want to stay in camp after 10am after the booked overnight stay, an aditional one day fee (3,00) will be charged.

(**) The daily fee will also be charged to those who use the wooden house as overnight acomodation.


Other Servives – daily fees

Small tents (3 people) 3,50
Fridge shelfs (50x60x30cm) 2,00
Fridge (250 liters) 4,50

TVA included.

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