PNEC is a densely forested place, with some available facilities. Booking your stay in the centre includes the use of the some facilities free of charge – electricity, water, wood woven, sinks, wc, hot water showers, wood for scout pioneering, central arena, sport playground and car parking. However, depending on the requests, the use of the shed, sports playground and car parking might be conditioned.

Camping areas

There are several forested areas for camping with a capacity up to 800 people. The places were to set up the tents are indicated by the Staff. There is no aditional fee for installing the tents.


Several kitchens are available equiped with sink, fridge and two burners gas stove. The kitchen daily fee includes the water, electricity and gas consumption.


There are small dormitories for 4/6 people. The dormitories are equiped with bunk beds but not include bed linen.

Training rooms

There are two training rooms with capacity for up to 30 people, equiped with flipchart, screen and wireless Internet. By request (and an aditional fee) a video projector can be lend.

Social living room

A living room is equiped with sofas, TV, Internet, books, magazines and vending machines with soft drinks and snacks.

Support rooms

Empty support rooms can be requested and used to suport activities, workshops, storage of materials, etc..

Shed for meals

The camp has a big shed for meals, equiped with tables and benches and can be used free of charge.


There are two toilet facilities, fully equiped. There is hot showers inside the toilet facilities and cold water showers outside the building (to be used only on summer).

There is also a fully equipped toilet facility for disabled people.


A total of 32 sinks are availble in two separate places. They are free of charge and can be used by everybody in camp.

Washing machine

There is a 7Kg washing machine. An aditional fee is charged per wash.


Central arena

There is a central arena for ceremonies and flying the flags. All Scout groups can fly their own flag or national flag. These ceremonies are scheduled to 09h00 am, no flag can be flied before that and all have to be lowered before sunset.

Wood for pioneering

Wood for pioneering is available free of charge, upon request to Staff. However, pioneering poles can’t be cut or used in bonfires.

Sports playground

This place can be used free of charge.

Campfire area

Near the central arena is the Campfirea area. This is a place to be shared by everybody but the Staff has to be previously informed in order to manage the requests and give instructions about the safety procedures.

Reception and Shop

At the Reception you can get all info about the facilities and request any assiatance you might need. There is here a small shop with scout gifts and some non-perishable food items and some other essential goods.


Around the central building (dormitories, training rooms, social living room) there is Internet wireless available, free of charge.

Car parking

The car parking is free of charge but has a limited capacity. Sometimes restrictions may aplly.

Wood woven

There is a wood woven available for you to cook your own bred or other meals.

Backwood cooking

In order to preserve the site, tree roots and prevent other incidents, there are metalic containers for your bonfires. Bonfires are not allowed outside these containers or the Camfire area.

Landfill of waste

At Reception there are waste containers at your disposal.

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