Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

1- The use of the Centre should follow Baden Powell’s guidance of ‘living things better than you found it’.
2- PNEC is a Scout Centre and thus it is essential to follow the Scout Law.
3- The respect for the environment is a fundamental value in the Scout Law, therefore during your stay:
-Everyone must follow the elementary rules of the ‘Outdoor Code’;
-It is forbidden to fall or damage trees and hurt animals;
-The introduction of new species to the Centre is forbidden, including domestic animals, except guide dogs;
-All Waste/Trash must be disposed in appropriate bins at the Centre entrance. It is forbidden to leave or bury litter;
-Bonfires must be used only for cooking, and must be made in the appropriate metal containers. The campfires must be done at the campfire arena;
-All bonfires must at all times be supervised by a responsible adult that ensures safety rules are followed and that the bonfires is put out at the end;
-Areas of protection and reforestation must be strictly respected, to avoid excessive impact on the Centre vegetation. Avoid making new paths in areas of dense vegetation and do not enlarge existing clearings;
-Cars are not allowed to circulate inside the Centre, except for internal services and emergencies;
-All wood used in pioneering must be returned to the wood storage places;
-Noise should be kept to an acceptable level to avoid disturbing others and animals. Special attention should be given in complying with the Silence period during the night;
4- The respect for others and their goods are fundamental values of the Scout Law, therefore during your stay:
-You should respect and show a courteous and tolerant attitude towards other Centre users. The Centre should be used to make new friendships and discover the richness of diversity;
-Each one, and scout leaders in particular, must ensure the proper use and subsequent cleanliness of all spaces and equipment, especially toilet and shower facilities, eating areas, and dish and clothes washing basins;
– The dish and clothes washing must be done in the appropriate facilities and must not be done in the toilet blocks;
-All restricted areas must be strictly respected;
-It is not permitted to wonder bare-chested, in bikini or swim suit;
-It is not permitted to circulate on bicycle in the Centre;
-It is strictly forbidden to smoke, consume alcohol or drugs within Centre premises;

Camp Rules

  1. Access to the Centre is only permitted: through a timely pre-booking, the acceptance of payment conditions, and the authorization by the AEP National Headquarters.
  2. All Centre users and especially the responsible leader agree to carefully read and integrally respect the rules and Code of Conduct of the Centre, as well as the Staff advice.
  3. The leaders are responsible for all their individuals’ acts/attitudes.
  4. The identification of all individuals at the Centre entrance is mandatory.
  5. All Centre users agree to donate at least 30 minutes per day to the service of the Centre during their stay.
  6. All payments most be done until the morning of the last day of the group staying, in the reception and within working hours.
  7. All spaces and equipments should be cleaned and tidy before the groups’ departure.
  8. It is not permitted the setup of adventure and/or obstacles in the Centre.
  9. Cars can only park in the designated area near the entrance of the Centre, and respect reserved spaces.
  10. The Centre warden will resolve all missing situations.


  1. The Reception and the Shop timetable is displayed at Reception.
  2. Silence must be respected between 23.30 and 7.00.
  3. The gates are closed with safety locks. When checking-in you’ll be informed about the codes in use.
  4. The flying flags is done in parade with all Centre users every Sunday and Bank holidays; the lowering of the flags time is agreed and mentioned during the flag hoisting, and is always performed before the sunset. On the remaining days flying and lowering of the flags are done by group according to their programmes.

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