PNEC is a prefered place for personnal development. More info available with Staff.

fogueiraScout Experience
Enjoy the camp and develop your scout technics, pioneering, cooking, exploring, offer some of your skills and leave the camp a bit better tahn you find it.


vegetacaoNatural Experience
Go for a hike on the Protected landscape ot Arriba Fóssil of Costa da Caparica choosing one of the paths already definied or trying to find a new one. Watch animals and plantas and have a nice dive at the beach.


ondaBeach Experience
3 minutes walking and you’ll be in one of the most famous beaches in Portugal. Sunbathing, Surf or Bodyboard, up to you to decide.



culturaCultural Experience
PNEC is the right place for you to set up your base and go discovering some of the most interesting places in Portugal, like Lisbon, Sintra and Estoril. Visit the monuments, have a sightseeing tour, learn and get involved in some of the Portuguese traditions.

Activities Center
You can also use the facilities of the Activities Center (under some specific safety rules):

The climbing wall can be use for climbing or abseiling, under the supervision of a qualified adult leader.
A formal signed declaration of the adul leader is mandatory. He/she must be qualified and be present during all the activity in the climbing wall and it is fully responsible for the event.
The climbing wall and safety equipment has to be previously requested and Staff will inform you about the safety rules. Climbing has to always be made with Top safety.

A hourly fee has to be paid and there is no limit for number of users. The fee includes the safety equipment for 2 climbers and 2 safety responsibles. If you prefer yuo can use your own equipment but same hourly fee applies.

Bikes are available just for a ride of for BTT activities, however a Leader has to be responsible for the activity. The Cubs participation depends on the size of the bikes available and their skils to ride them. A fee and previous request aplies.


arcoTarget shooting

The presence of an adult is mandatory when using bows and arrows. It is also mandatory the compliance of the safety rules and the practice only in the location identified by Staff.


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