Located on the side of the river beach of Poço da Corga, this Scout Center has a rural surroundings and is very close to Serra da Lousã.

Between our facilities and the river beach there is a pic-nic area with vey old oak trees and an old oil press using water as power source, so you can also know a bit about old fashion oil production



Scout Experience

This is a good place for your rank or group activities, or for a short stay with scouts from other Groups experiencing the scout fraternity.



vegetacaoNatural Experience

Go discovering the rural world, local people and traditions. When going out of the facilities you’ll find farmers in daily activity, cultivated fields and free roaming animals. Some of the neighbour farmers will be more than happy to show you their farms.



Beach Experience

Have fun in the spectacular river beach of Poço da Corga, blue flag, access to people with reduced mobility, translucent and fresh water.




This Scout Center is excelent for you to have mountain activities in Serra da Lousã, hike to Coentral, and much much more.



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