The Scouting Activities Centre of Gondomar (Centro de Atividades Escotistas de Gondomar – CAEG) is located in the border area of the city of Porto and it is excellent for doing activities in the mountain, in the city, near the sea and near the river. Also it invests on activities on environmental promotion and awareness.
In the south area of CAEG there is access to the East Park of the city of Porto which connects Rio Tinto city center to Entre-os-Rios, to the river beach of Ribeira de Abade e Zebreiros.

Scouting Experience
Take advantage of the conditions of the Center to carry out Division activities, Group activities or to do exchange with other Groups, enriching your scouting experience. There is space for camping, wood for pioneering, fire technique, among others.

Natural Experience
From CAEG you can depart for discovering Parque das Serras do Porto.
There you can do orientation bivouacs, raids, speleology, rappel, climbing and even mountain-biking.
There are also many tracks that take you to explore Serra de Pias, Serra de Santa Justa and the village of Couce – Village of Portugal.
If you pay attention, you might find the portuguese salamandra, carnivorous plants and different trilobite species.
There is direct access to the Parque das Serras do Porto by bus, which is 2´ walking from the CAEG.

Beach Experience
You can easily get to the river beach of Ribeira de Abade e Zebreiros in the north shore of Douro River, by walk or by bike; or you can go to Matosinhos beaches, by bus 10’ away from the camp, where you can surf or do other activities in the sea.

Cultural Experience
From the CAEG you can visit the historic part of the city of Porto. Just take the metro in Levada to get to know the magnificent Torre dos Clérigos, Avenida dos Aliados, Livraria Lello, Estação de São Bento, Ponte Luiz I, Jardins do Palácio de Cristal, Museu Romântico, Ribeira, Escadaria dos Guindais, Arco das Verdades, Paço Episcopal, Sé, Casa da Música, Mercado do Bolhão and many more places.

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