CAEF permits you to have lots of amazing experiences, so besides the info below you can always ask for more info contacting our headquarters, local autorities and our partner Transerrano.

fogueiraScout Experience
Enjoy your stay and develop you scout skills, contact with other scouts, manage some training sessions, etc.



vegetacaoNatural Experience
Follow the marked mountain foothpaths that cross Fajão and discover the wonders of Serra do Açor. Watch animals and plants and why not perform a photo safari? You’ll be amazed.


Cultural Experience
Use CAEF as your base and go discovering the amazing people who still live in these mountain areas. You can’t miss visiting the village museum and learn a bit of this village history.


Fajão has a comunitary wood wooven, so you can make your own bred or other traditional meals. People in Fajão loves scouts, so don’t hesitate to talk and learn with them.

Aditional info about Fajão.

Other activities

The rocks called Penedos de Fajão have natural climbing ways with several different levels of difficulty. You’ll need adult supervision and special equipment to do this activity. Our partner Transserrano will help you preparing it.


nadarPublic swimming pool
Fajão has a nice public swimming pool for you to relax or play some water games.
NOTE: The swimming pool opens only during the summer and an entrance fee may be charged.


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